San Jose Anthropology

Welcome to Sharks Territory a.k.a. San Jose CA. It is the hometown of local heroes, SICKS Degrees Fam Silent John, Bobbi Vie & Nasty Ray. We were given the grandmaster tour by Nasty Ray, visiting some of the people who have contributed to putting SJ on the map, complete with side trips to the best coffee shops in the city (as rated by Nasty Ray).

The third largest city in California, SJ has been known widely as the place of NHL’s San Jose Sharks, La Vic’s orange sauce, Winchester Mystery House, and as part of Silicon Valley, with a large amount of software and internet corporations having their campuses and offices here, including eBay, Adobe, Cisco and IBM. With an ever thriving arts community, partnered with the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth, the city is making noise. In recent years, it has become a new epicenter for streetwear with brands such as Breezy Excursion, Booger Kids, Cukui, Halloway, Mighty Fresh, Seize Defend Rule, Suhhreal, The Higher Culture, and more, started all here by San Joseans. (There is no shortage of SJ brands on the Karmaloop Kazbah marketplace.) The rise of San Jose has also been attributed to The Bangerz, DJ Dstrukt, Clout Magazine, and everyone’s favorite, Levy Tran, all proudly repping the city.

While a metropolis, the city still has the honesty of a small town community, as can be seen through the people, all very warm and inviting. The SJ streetwear scene is unlike any other, spanning the whole city with places such as Japantown and Cannery Park as the hubs of shopping and creativity. Brands interweave within the network to help each other progress their respective brands and the city as a whole. When given an oral history by Dan “The Mayor Of San Jose” Diggity a.k.a. The Astronaut a.k.a. South East Beast, he describes SJ before as always being in the shadow of neighboring city, San Francisco, and that the resurgence of San Jose started from the natural banding together in the need to succeed. While individual brands could have tried to make it on their own, he says that “it was always more fun coming up together.” Only those that have joined forces have survived and it is easy to tell why with the support of the whole city behind them.

Julius is the head dude over at Mighty Thredz, a multi-faceted print shop and design firm, which houses brands such as Mighty Fresh, Seize Defend Rule, The Higher Culture and upcoming women’s line, SeDeRu. They are opening up their latest venture, streetwear boutique 2TWENTY5 (225 Jackson Street, San Jose CA 95112), in Japantown right next to Cukui this Saturday 03.23. Roll out for some music, food and prizes.

Mighty Thredz thrives on creativity, innovation, and inspiration. We love to collaborate with people who have vision and to share our vision with others. Everything we put our hands to is an expression of how we see the world.

It’s through this passion of art and design that we hope to connect with others and help inspire threads of goodness. We are dedicated to making you look good and to help you make an impact and lasting impression with those you meet.

Everywhere we go and everyone we meet. we leave with them an impression of our time spent together. We call this a thread. This thread can lead you back to that person, that place, and that memory.

Mighty Thredz helps weave positive threads between you and the people you are trying to reach. We help put back the human element in a virtual world.

We all have a cause that we believe in. Whether it’s saving the rainforests, bringing clean water to those who need it, or building homes for orphans, people all over the world are spreading goodness.

Here at Mighty Thredz, we support a number of charities and good causes.”

Little Chef Counter opened within the San Pedro Square Market in January of last year by Steven and his partner, Robert. With a menu that includes Short Rib Sliders, Little Chef’s Poutine, and Pork Chop all at extremely affordable prices, you can’t go wrong. The eatery has all the flavor of a fine dining restaurant, sans the pretentiousness. It has been named “honest comfort food” by notable chefs. They are also starting to branch off with their new Little Chef character, appearing on upcoming merchandise.

Oak Creek Vintage is John’s hideaway featuring curios and curiosities from yesteryear. It’s a sweet spot in SJ for that random one-of-a-kind find. If you’re lucky enough, John might tell you about The Derby. (*wink wink*)

Oak Creek Vintage is a San Jose based boutique that carries a medley of classic mid-century modern furniture, antique trinkets, vintage clothing, and everything in between. We strive to bring back all that’s been tucked away and forgotten- back into the hands of people who value hand-crafted, timeless pieces. We also design and build all custom furnishings in-house, and use nothing but 100% reclaimed and recycled materials. Everything we carry in our store is a reflection of our own lifestyle. We hope to influence others in appreciating the act of re-purposing and admiring old treasures without that “brand-new” smell.

We don’t consider ourselves your “typical antique shop.” We are a very small, intimate boutique, and every single item within our walls are all hand-picked, restored, and brought back to life. We also create custom home furnishings and wedding decor from recycled and re-claimed materials.”

SJ is also the homeplace of the much hailed 1NFAMOUS B-Boy Jam, which is based on an “always battle-ready” concept by Nasty Ray, that has brought in top dancers from across the world. All of SJ’s talents and people come together for Bobbi‘s F.A.M.E, “a bi-annual event that strives to collectively gather fashion, art, and music to exhibit the work of passionate artists.” It is a great mash of everyone from B-Boys to fashion designers gathering to showcase their art. We’ve asked him before, with the success of the event in the South Bay Area, if he’s ever thought about doing a Los Angeles version of the show. Bobbi politely articulated that the same show could not be replicated elsewhere: “It’s the people (of SJ) that make it.” He and his team are preparing for the next F.A.M.E. Spring/Summer edition show in June. They are currently looking for Models and Designers if you are interested in signing up.

YouTube: FAME FW 2012 Teaser
YouTube: FAME FW 2012 Teaser 2
YouTube: FAME SS2012 + The Masquerade : Time Lapse

If you’re ever in San Jose, make sure you hit up Nasty Ray, Dan Diggity, or any of the locals who will be more than pleased to give you a tour of their city and what it has to offer, everything proudly homegrown. “Product of San Jose”, indeed.

Remember too, to download the “Coach Hella 2013” mix by one of San Jose’s finest, Silent John of Jimi Handtrix.