SICK Beats

Available now in our online store is the SICK Beats shirt which is our collaboration with the Beat Clan out of Las Vegas. Inspired by the old school hip-hop fliers designed by Buddy Esquire and Phase 2 back in the day, the SICK Beats shirt is a Beat Clan roll call including our own DJ Casanova and DJ Hollywood (who has been voted best DJ by the people of Las Vegas yearly). The Beat Clan is a DJ collective with a lengthy resume, representing some major talent rocking many of the hottest spots in Vegas from PURE, LAX, Christian Audigier, Moon, Seamless, The Bank and everywhere in between. Available in black, red and purple, the shirt is currently only on a limited run so visit the online store at the link the sidebar and pick yours up.

Find the Beat Clan at their website:
Also be sure to catch DJ Hollywood, DJ Ikon and the rest of the Beat Clan spinning nightly at one of the spots listed on their calendar at: