SICKS Degrees: Bloodbath Project

I met my friend, Amy, some 12 years ago during freshman orientation for college. We’ve kept in touch throughout the years and around the time that I decided to start SICK STAR, she told me that her boyfriend was starting his own clothing line as well. That boyfriend of hers happened to be Ramon Cho (Rome One/Rome Uno/Amy’s future husband),  of what was/is Bloodbath Clothing. I’ve followed and watched Ramon grow his brand, leaving his imprint on the game in the short time that Bloodbath has been around. The Bloodbath Crew has been making some noise lately in the industry with their clean designs, innovative lookbooks, well executed concepts and high profile collaborations. They’ve been a huge inspiration for us here at SICK STAR with their sheer creativeness and admirable business ethic of keeping everything honest. They have also been our partial mentors with their willingness to share their knowledge. More than a clothing line, they are a lifestyle, some really good people and Fam to us here.

Earlier this month, I trekked out to Brea CA where their office is to see the crew at the BB headquarters. Amongst all of the bland office space windows in the area, their crossed keys logo and mantra stick out boldly. “Breaking Locks On Open Doors. Boundaries Are Through Habit.”

The entrance of their office is lined with framed black & white photo prints of BB Fam and stars rocking their gear, including the likes of B-Real of Cypress Hill, Mac Miller, Chris Brown and more.

Photography by Ace of L.A. Breaking Locks On Open Doors. (Peace to Amy in the reflection.)

Bloodbath showroom featuring their latest and upcoming gear. Everything on point.

Ramon is an artist and graphic designer by trade. Hanging on one of the walls is this sick 3 panel piece done by him. At first glance, it looks like a painting, but upon closer inspection you discover it’s a mixed media piece using broken CDs and audio cassettes as texture. Wild.

Upstairs, Ramon and the BB/Cast Shadow crew working in the dark, lights off, working to bring you some fresh wears. You’ll be sure to hear more about them and from them in the future, guaranteed.

Check out Bloodbath online at and pick some gear up at Zumiez and your friendly neighborhood streetwear boutiques.

– eRecto