SICKS Degrees Family: DJ C-L.A.

Today we present DJ C-L.A. of Las Vegas, one of the latest members of the SICKS Degrees Family. In a male dominated profession, C-L.A. breaks the stereotype of the “girl DJ”, setting the bar for all female DJs, but more so, is one that aspires all DJs in general to raise their skill level. Currently she rocks residencies at the famed Vegas nightclubs, Tao at the Venetian and Lavo at The Palazzo as well as many other spots throughout California mixing and cutting it up behind the tables.

“A weekend job of mobile DJing (2003), was all it took before Carla realized there was a passion and itch to transform music into a profession. Working as a mobile DJ broadened Carla’s musical knowledge as she played many dfferent types of events such as weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, and more. Carla’s mobile experience paved the ground work she has today which showcases her ability to read a crowd and allows her to have knowledge of many different formats of music. Although this was a great start for C-L.A. she felt there was something more to gain from the passion that burned inside her. In 2004, C-L.A. relocated to Las Vegas. Getting her start in Vegas, she became a Nightclub VIP Host, but still had the desire to progress with DJing. Soon people in the Las Vegas nightlife industry recognized her talent amongst the handful of female DJs in Las Vegas. C-L.A.’s high energy sets of Hip Hop, Mash-ups, Rock, R&B and House has had her rocking crowds all over the country from L.A., San Francisco, New York, Boston, Bahamas, Canada, Las Vegas and New Orleans. C-L.A.. has become one of Vegas’ top performers and was honored Best DJ in 2008 [Blush Nightclub’s Bragging Rights Of 2008 Awards]. C-L.A. believes in the importance of continually marketing and progressing in this industry to achieve success. She constantly produces demos and networks when not working magic behind the tables. Through all of her hard work, dedication and passion she knows the struggle and effort are worth the love for music.”