SICKS Degrees Family: Sudana

From our World Of Dance pictures, we’ve been getting a lot of questions to who the girl in the dress is. Well, meet SICKS Degrees Fam, model, hostess and Gogo dancer extraordanaire, Sudana. Straight out of the LBC, Sudana can currently be seen at events and clubs all across the country. We recently collaborated on a sticker featuring one of her latest photoshoots.

Definitely be on the lookout for more work with SICK STAR and Sudana. She is currently up for Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties Contest. Vote for Sudana here: Maxim Hometown Hotties: Sudana

Her next stop is this weekend in the Bay Area for the SPOCOM Show. If you’re in the area, roll out. Follow Sudana on her twitter at to catch where she’s at next.

Oh yea, if that dress is kind of familiar, it’s our “Don’t Fall Down” tee, cut up and reconstructed. 1 of 1 Limited Edition… check out and pick up the original in our online store.