Something To Brag About

The fam DJ Casanova is up for Blush Boutique Nightclub’s Bragging Rights of ’09 Awards for Top DJ Resident. There’s some good competition, including a few fellow Beat Clan members. Be sure to place your vote to get DJ Casanova to get to the top.

Also, be sure to vote for the fam, Liberty Salonga for Best Server. The girl Liberty holds it down at LAX, always making sure everyone has a good time. Show your love and vote.

The awards are on December 8th, so from now you have 17 days to vote. You can only vote once a day but I already voted 3 times for both Casanova and Liberty, once on my phone, once on my laptop and once on my desktop. Show your support! When you’re out in Las Vegas, be sure to visit both of them at LAX, and DJ Casanova at Christian Audigier and PURE Nightclubs. Please spread the word and vote everyday until the ballots close at: