Submit Silencio Pics

If you hadn’t noticed on the sidebar, we recently started a Flikr group for Silencio sightings. “Silencio” is a project brought to you by the fam, producer Silent John dropping this year mixed by DJ Verz. We rocked out hot sauce stickers as promo items a few weeks ago and they are starting to pop up all around from Las Vegas to the L.A. to the Bay which is represented on the labels as well as SICK STAR in Spanish (“Estrella Enferma”) for all those that don’t know. If you have a Silencio sighting or post up, take a picture and add it took our Flikr group or submit your pictures with the location of the spot to:

Silencio Flikr Group link:
To request Silencio stickers, email:

Represent, represent!