Survival Of The Fittest

This Friday, December 21 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar, speculating the date of the end of the world. Our Fam at Rooted ( have put together some Fashion Survival Kits with essential items to prepare you for the apocalypse. Gets yours now to be ready for the zombie attack or come what may…

Included in every kit is:
– incase Nylon Campus Backpack
– SICK STAR tshirts (2)
– SICK STAR lighter
– Cozy Sunday beanie
– Cozy Sunday paracord compass bracelet
– Rooted water canteen
– Rooted sewing kit
– other miscellaneous paraphernalia
(item colors and styles may vary)

The Rooted Survival Pack is now available in their online shop and in store.

11976 Artesia Blvd.
Artesia CA 90701