The Product Is Passion

“Moonshine: common slang term for home-distilled alcohol, especially in places where this production is illegal.
The name is often assumed to be derived from the fact that moonshine producers, smugglers, would often work at night under the light of the moon.
Moonshiners often sold their products relatively local.
Today, Moonshinerz sell their products worldwide.”

“A Moonshinerz’ product is passion.
Moonshinerz do what they believe in.
A Moonshiner takes chances against any odds.
A Moonshiner is resourceful.
Moonshinerz make due with what they’ve got, and do it well.
To Moonshine is to create.
We all Moonshine daily.
American Moonshine.”
– Moonshinerz (American Moonshine)

While they go way back, a few years ago the DJ collective/promotion group known as the Moonshinerz out of the South Bay, CA decided to go legit with it and became official on paper. While staying a staple in L.A. nightlife with their talented roster of DJs, led by Tim Vinzon, they have also ventured successfully into different industries, including automotive events, clothing & accessories and music production.
This past weekend the crew celebrated their 4 Year Anniversary of Moonshinerz Productions. Spanning 2 nights with a Hermosa Beach takeover at Cafe Boogaloo and Waterman’s, the festivities were capped off with a barbeque at the Moonshinerz studio/homebase in Hawthorne. The Moonshinerz are distinct among the sea of L.A. promotion crews in their camaraderie between members to the point that they have become a tight-knit family. The Moonshinerz put forth 100% of their resources and efforts towards each individual’s goals and in every project they take on. Since our initial meeting in the Spring of last year, they have been avid supporters of SICK STAR and are a large part of our own success as well as extending the SICKS Degrees Family exponentially.
Always busy, the Moonshinerz and its members have put out a lot of great work in their short time. Here are some of our favorite highlights from their 4th year alone:
Tim Vinzon, with his partners Ryan Pietersz and Kingson Tse have made a lot of headway this year with their company, Meister Watches, making it one of the most sought after brands, appearing on celebrities everywhere.
South Bay favorite, DJ Ingwell, became an official DJ for well known Los Angeles based radio station Power106.
From the L.A. to the Bay and back down again, rock group Station toured the West Coast to really good reception with a homecoming performance at the House of Blues in Anaheim.
DJ Teddy Bomber released his Bulletproof Dub Step Remix by La Roux which gained instant interest and plays all over Southern California.
… and of course, the SICKS Degrees x MoonRunnerz Hollywood Hills Mansion Party in September featuring DJ Teddy Bomber and DJ Ingwell.
The future already looks bright as we’ve got some inside looks to projects in the works as they take the Moonshinerz name from L.A. to Vegas and beyond. We look forward to another year and many more to come. Happy Anniversary Fam.