Upward Spiral

“Currently in LA, the Japanese Student Oriented Events are mainly based off of temporary foreign exchange students; therefore the staff has constantly been changing. Also due to the decreased amount of exchange students from Japan, currently there is no annual Japanese Oriented event. “TOKYO NIGHT” an event that existed until last year, was most probably the most well-known annual event in America, however it did not happen this year.

This event was started in order to create a new era of annual Japanese/Asian music festivals. In the past, these events struggled with the pass down process and ended after a few years. However for this event it will be held every year and as a final destination, we hope it will not only be in LA but in locations such as New York, Los Vegas, Seattle, and expand throughout America.

As part of this event’s purpose, there will be experienced workers supporting the younger generation while providing people like students a location to experience planning events from the foundation to the end in a real business setting. By experiencing this event, we are hoping it will provide people with experience for future careers, broaden their possibilities, and discover new talents and abilities.” – Spiral

February 19, 2012. For presale tickets for this event, please contact info@sicksdegrees.com