We Rock Hard (part 1)

This week was a busy one, spending time and doing work with the SICKS Degrees Fam in Vegas. So many milestones in such a short time that we decided to dedicate 2 posts to to our trip. 51FIFTY dropped their latest mixtape this Wednesday, rocking out the night at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock LV. “Body Bags 2: The Next Mixtape” is the next chapter from the DJ/drummer duo, filled with new hits with their special dirty twist and sprinkled with soundbits from your favorite movies. Performing 2 of their latest sets that night, DJ Presto One, Dustin J., Brenda Reese and JP808 went super hard, holding nothing back with one of their best performances. SICK STAR was in the building to show our love and support with Sudana, Silent John, Chuck Fader, el-n and MR10 making an appearance.

Check out the printing and packaging on the CD. They used the image from our SICK STAR x 51FIFTY “Snare & Record” collab shirt that we did. Thanks to the guys for putting us on.

While you can only get hardcopies at the shows, you can download the mixtape online. 51FIFTY made it easy by making both tracked and untracked versions available.

51FIFTY – “Body Bags 2: The Next Mixtape” untracked link

51FIFTY – “Body Bags 2: The Next Mixtape” tracked link

Give it a listen and be sure to check out the calendar on the 51FIFTY site to find where they’re playing next… Remember to bring a shovel because they’re stacking body bags sky high.