We Rock Hard (part 2)

Sudana, eRecto and MR10 made the trek out to Las Vegas where we were holding a photoshoot with the lovely Tracy Nova and our boy Genix. Much love to all the Fam on set that helped make magic happen especially el-n, DJ C-L.A., and Lani Z. While we won’t show you exactly all that we’ve been up to right now, here’s a sneak peek of the new SICKS Degrees Dream Team. A bit of something thing to look forward to. We have also officially added Tracy Nova to the SICKS Degrees Family. It seemed like a natural fit from star to supernova. You can already find her all over the internet and in magazines but now you can also expect to see a lot more of her here. Welcome Tracy!

“Hello everyone! I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but mainly raised in Orlando, Florida. I’ve lived in places such as Orlando, Washington DC, and now currently back home in Las Vegas. I am a full-time international model.

Professionally, I have been modeling since I was 18 years old. I also took training classes and lessons in modeling and acting. I started modeling from a complete stranger saying that I should become a model. I took that into consideration and wouldn’t hurt to at least try. From then on, my career blew up and I’ve been in numerous magazines, websites, commercials, films, trade shows, events, and so much more!

Besides modeling, I also possess a degree as an Esthetician, also known as a skin care therapist. Graduated from High School, Modeling and Talent Schools, and a few years of college.

A few other things about me…I like to draw and paint, play video games, watch Anime, interested in cars, can play the piano and bass guitar, can surf and skateboard, computer savvy, interested in Japanese culture and sub-culture…but I am always trying and learning new things! I have been to and seen many different cities and cultures. I love learning and trying other cultures’ way of living. It is very fascinating! Life has no boundaries!

I also love to give back to the community and help out others. I’ve participated in many donations and charities this year including breast cancer awareness, lukemia, and the Filipino Fund Drive for Typhoon Ondoy Vicitims.

I am determined, intuitive, passionate, exciting, and observant. I always have a positive outlook and love all the simple things in life. I love to laugh, learn, live, and love.

I am very grateful for my family, friends, and fans. I have learned so much from everyone. I like to thank everyone for their endless love and I hope to continue my career!” – Tracy Nova