What Had Happened Was

2010 was a crazy year for SICK STAR, which saw us learning and growing immensely. The SICKS Degrees Family took us to new heights, with them including us into whatever projects they could fit us into and oftentimes made moves just for us. We saw the addition of great artists & talent to the roster including Ruth Izabella, DJ Ayebert, Sudana, Tracy Nova, 51FIFTY, DJ C-LA and DJ Teddy Bomber. The accomplishments of The SICKS Degrees Family ran deep this year with each individual elevating their craft, earning high marks and praises for their contributions to their artforms and gaining sizable fan followings. One of the highlights of the year for us was working with 51FIFTY, Sudana & Tracy Nova (SICK STAR Dream Team) and Genix on our well received tshirt collaborations.

Notable events from 2010 are being featured on The Hundreds blog and Swag Syndicate (peace to the Fam Jason!) with our first ever lookbook. This was highly significant for us as the lookbook represented our first ever season, where before we were just producing single items as we were growing the brand. We did manage to represent at a couple of events as well, including F.A.M.E. in the Bay area, a new event series by the Fam, Bobbi Vie and a return to World Of Dance L.A. (with the SICK STAR Blackbooks on hand of course). Before the year’s end, SICK STAR also hit nationwide distribution with our latest account Zumiez, being placed in stores from coast to coast and quickly selling out of stock. From apartment bedroom to the masses…

In no way are we club promoters, but with our line-up of some of the best DJs from Las Vegas to L.A., gogos and Family with much experience in the industry, it was highly inevitable that we’d be doing some club events. We had some amazing parties with our Hollywood Hills Mansion Pool Party, Winter Fashion Show at Chi/Forbes in Las Vegas and “The Get Up” at Mix in the Mandalay Bay LV as we teamed up with our friends Ten Family Promotions, Ngocturnal Entertainment, Grapes Entertainment, Meister Watches and the Moonshinerz & Runnerz. We felt truly blessed as Friends and Family from far and wide came to join us for these mega soirees.

So what does 2011 have in store?… more fresh new gear from SICK STAR, The SICKS Degrees Family expansion team, new and exciting collaborations, bigger parties and a whole lot more. We are already planning for the New Year with a lot of projects already underway as we speak. Thank you to everyone who made 2010 such an awesome year for us. We would especially like to thank _____________ (your name here). Without you, none of what we have accomplished would have been possible.

…do what you feel.